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how to brand

How to Brand Anything

  In this article I hope to show you “How to Brand.” Impress upon you the importance of branding and to make  it clear just what branding is exactly. Do … Continue Reading →

uncle sam taxes

Infographics for Effective Communication

The concept of data graphics or Infographics has been around for many years now, from cave paintings and maps to meteorology and traffic road signs. The most recent type of … Continue Reading →


Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is the way to go these days with net spreading its wings all over the world, a lot of folk’s have switched from physical mediums of business … Continue Reading →

email marketing

Email Marketing Tips

Where is the line between email marketing and spam? Your marketing campaign ought to contain attention-grabbing and relevant content. If you send numerous messages that aren’t all that attention-grabbing, your … Continue Reading →


Grow Your Business With Twitter

With more than 500 million involved users and nearly one million fresh accounts being conceived every single day, Twitter is possibly the top challenger of Facebook in terms of usage … Continue Reading →

What is Twitter

What is Twitter?

 Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets“. Twitter was … Continue Reading →

social networking

This Is All About Social Networking Sites

Let’s take a look here at the most popular “Social Networking Sites” for 2013. Nothing has changed the Web  more than the rise of social networking sites. Before social networking, … Continue Reading →

Making money and saving money

Make Money and Save Money

 Are you one of the millions of people who prefers to shop online? Shopping online is popular because it is quick, easy, and convenient. It is also popular because,  when … Continue Reading →


How to Save

Making money and saving money go hand in hand. Of course if you don’t save or make any money, you don’t have to worry about saving any. In this post … Continue Reading →


Blog on with Blogger

Welcome back! This post is about “Blogger” and hopefully, you have been following along with my recent posts about “Blog Services,” this post is one of a series. (Click here … Continue Reading →


WordPress or or Both?

This post is intended as a continuation of the post done previously “Blog Services”. In this post I will show the differences between and Some people get confused … Continue Reading →

Blog Service

Blog Services

What are Blog Services?   Blog Services offer a large variety of blogs, for free. Ordinary individuals and both large and small companies make public blogs for an assortment of … Continue Reading →


Affiliate Marketing

The thought of how an Affiliate program works on the outside seems easy enough. Well it’s not, on the inside it takes a lot of work, so that an affiliate … Continue Reading →

Self Hosted Wordpress Blog for Anyone

Self Hosted WordPress Blog Anyone?

 Now, yours truly, will explain to you exactly how to establish your very own blog. You will be able to do whatever you like with this blog, even sell it … Continue Reading →

Facebook Google+

Social Media Sites You Link Your Blog To

  Every business of any size now has links to Social Media, this includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+ scattered all over their websites. And let’s not forget Tumblr, Flickr, LinkedIn, … Continue Reading →


Why start a Blog and how much can you make?

The how much and how long question is one that I get asked often and one that is impossible to answer. The best answer is “that depends on you” but … Continue Reading →

Self Hosted WordPress for Anyone

Lead Capture Page, One of the Most Important Marketing Tools

A lot of people believe it’s best to use social media and other inbound marketing tactics to increase the number of “(Lead capture)”subscribers your brand generates. Let’s table that discussion … Continue Reading →

Small Business

Small Business, Pick One!

Are you a young person with the dream of running your own business?  Maybe you’re a college grad who would rather work for himself/herself and wants to create a job … Continue Reading →


Small Business Anyone?

I was doing a little Net surfing and I ran across the United States Census report for 2007. I found it so interesting I brought it back here to share. … Continue Reading →